My Services

I am prepared to help you with part, or all, of your video project. Click the image below to explore my 4-phase Production Process, and the respective costs for each part of the service.

The 4 Phase Production Process

01. Narrative Development
02. Videography
03. Editing
04. Broadcast


Itemized Services Offered for Video Production

Phase Service Description Price (hourly)
01-A Consultation 30 minute creative thinking session via telephone, email, or in person ($30/hr value). FREE 30 MINUTES
01-B Outline Session Co-creative outlining session for establishing project goals. $40.00
01-C Narrative Development Storyboard and Notes delivered to cliennt. $40.00
02-A Initial Recording Project recording session for video and audio footage. $40.00
02-B Secondary Recording Scripted recording session (not always mandatory but highly effective). $40.00
03-A Audio Edits Cleaning up audio clicks, background noise, stutters, etc. Polishing audio to be represented at it's highest quality. $50.00
03-B Video Edits Editing and arranging video footage into a coherent piece. $50.00
04-A Renders for Broadcast Delivery of the completed video to meet client's specifications. $50.00
04-B Tech Support Follow-up technical support for delivery and broadcast. FREE


Clients from any industry can utilize my work

Nature, medicine, wine making, community media, large scale gatherings, fashion, art, music, dance, and more!

I am here as a single individual with a mission to help the masses...connecting people and consciousness by utilizing the digital loom to weave videos together.